No upcoming gigs to announce at the moment.  

I am currently working on home recording experiments.

But eventually, I will be on the stage again and share the info here.  (;  
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Some Questions & Answers...

Do I play music as a full-time profession? 

Making and sharing music is central to who I am as a human being.  In terms of lifestyle perspectives, philosophy, and personality, I am a full-time and lifelong musician.  But in terms of making a living (earning my bread and butter), I have spent most of my working years thus far – for better or worse – doing a wide variety of non-musical work (everything from teaching to digging ditches).  I currently make my living by teaching English in China. 

Thankfully, I still do find opportunities to get paid to play music.  So, we can say that I am a part-time professional musician: for I earnestly believe that anyone who performs music anywhere for any compensation is, in that moment, a professional musician.   

What type of venues and settings do I play?  

My live music sharing and performance history is diverse; it ebbs and flows and is ever-evolving.  Over the years I've sang, played, shared, and taught music at a wide variety of venues and settings, including but not limited to: cafes, pubs, breweries, bistros, wineries, wine bars, restaurants, sidewalk busking, farmers' markets, holiday / craft markets, weddings, funerals, memorials, anniversaries, fund raisers, festivals (large & small), house concerts, spiritual gatherings, parties, church services, nursing homes, retirement & assisted living facilities, hospice vigils, music workshops, campuses, educational settings, etc.
Some (a small percent), of my performance history has been documented and saved in the form of audio, video, and photos- as can be found here on this site as well as on my YouTube channel. Though often times, when playing smaller or private settings, the promo and documentation is minimal or non-existent: but the music performed and shared lives-on in the listeners' memories, in our hearts and minds, and in the general collective energy of the universe.  (:   

Where do I play (geographically speaking)? 

In Fall of 2015, I made the rather epic decision to relocate to China to start a new chapter in life and to put to use my master’s degree in education.  So for now, amid my busy schedule as a teacher, I play wherever and whenever I can in China.  

But before moving to China, I primarily played in the Pacific Northwest- Washington and Oregon.  Wherever I go in life, my heart and soul will always be attached to the Pacific Northwest; I grew-up in southern Washington’s Clark County and spent 20-some years in Bellingham, Washington in the northern Whatcom County (a stone’s throw from Canada). 
(And for whatever it’s worth, though most of my musical life thus far has taken place in the Pacific Northwest, I did, in earlier years, also play in a few other states in the Western U.S. as well as a few locations in Western Canada.)    

There have been many gigs over the years.   

What’s next?

I’m in China…trying my best to adapt to a world which is entirely different from my Western home.    

Every day is a new adventure... 

Maintaining music connections is essential to me. 

I am open to ideas, offers, and proposals for performing or recording opportunities. 

If curious, feel free to email me with a description of your project or event and we can go from there.  

Please inquire at:

Thank you.  (;  

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