New Year's Eve Day in China 2016

Above: At my favorite park (Luo Bin Wang) in Yiwu, China.  Miraculously and thankfully, it was a 'fresh air' day in the usual smoggy city; pollution levels were lower than usual and the temperature was pleasantly chilly (I like Winter).   There was new moon growing in the sky as dusk drew near.  The trees were magical with there deep colors and the atmosphere was peaceful and relaxed.  I wanted to mark the day by playing music in the park- a great way to say farewell to one year as we make way for the new one to come.  (;  

An Autumn Day in China 2016

Above: A couple shots taken as I play flute in the park on a remarkably pleasant Autumn day.  The air was fresh (for China), the colors were vivid, and the notes from the flute blended well with the atmosphere of nature and friendly people passing by.  It was a good day.  (;  

BB in China- 2016

Above: Just a few photos of a now beardless BB doing his best to adapt to an often hot and humid setting of Southeastern China.  The scenes in these photos are a bit rough: scant trees struggling to survive in an urban 'wasteland.'  I am a far, far way from my homeland of the Pacific Northwest of lush greenery and deep forests.  Alas, don't adventures ever have an end?   Well yes, but in the meantime, we must make the best of the time that is given to us- no matter where we are.  The story goes on and everyday we write a new page with the actions of our lives.  (;  

BB in China- 2015

Above: Just a few shots taken from a couple shows I played in Fall of 2015 at the schools I worked at during my first year in China.  
The above impromptu photos (captured with smartphone by a friend) are from May 25, 2015 at the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, WA.  I was joined on stage by Halley the Harper; we played at the Folklife Cafe stage- the audience was great and I really enjoyed doing the show with Halley.  I've played the NW Folklife Fest. a few times now over the years; it's one of my favorite festivals and I look forward to doing it again.  (:   
The above photos are from the evening of October 30, 2014 during my 3rd Annual Autumnal Celebration show at The Firehouse Performing Arts Center in Fairhaven, WA.  (A beloved Bellingham venue.)  I was accompanied on stage by several multi-talented players: Ryan Eston Paul on oud, bass, and guitars; Robin Elwood on accordions, guitars, and live sound management; Jaron Stanage on drums and percussion; Alishia Joubert on acoustic harp; and my son Alden Johnsonbuller at the DJ station with digital beats and soundscapes.  It was a heartfelt live local show - imperfect and wonderful - with an attentive audience; a most excellent way to celebrate life, community, and the autumn season. Photo credits go to Sarah Day Photography.   

Fall 2013

Brian 2 23
The above photos are from the evening of February 22, 2013 at The Blue Horse Gallery in Bellingham, WA.  I opened for the Celtic group Lindsay Street.  I was accompanied on stage by my iPod Touch 5th Gen. which I've named Izzy.  This was Izzy's live debut and 'it' did a great job of assisting with digital beats and soundscapes; we worked well together.  All and all 'twas a good show. Photo credits go to Laurel Hammond

The above photos are from the evening of October 25, 2012 at The Firehouse Performing Arts Center in Fairhaven, WA.  I was accompanied on stage by Joe Marx on acoustic percussion and Ryan Eston Paul on digital beats and soundscapes.  It was a good show and a great way to celebrate one of my favorite seasons- Autumn. Photo credits go to Anita Hanks.

Above are a few shots of a cosmic little show we played
in November 2010 at a cozy venue that existed in B-ham 
back then named The Three Trees Coffeehouse. 

I was assisted by Jocelyn on vox,
Ryan on guitar, vox, djembe, & DJ station,
& Jaron Stanage on Drums: Go Team!  
It was fun.  :)  

~ ~ ~ Much thanks to Anita Hanks for these photos 2009 - 2010 ~ ~ ~


Two essential musical collaborators...

 Flutes are magical and wonderful instruments!  
Every once in a while I like to photograph all those textures and contours.  
     Above are a few shots of my humble but beloved concert C fllute with a low B foot.  (:   
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