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The following tracks are a selection of songs recorded in various forms over a span of about 12 years.  I have, of course, recorded and performed many other songs as well that are not listed here.  Why did I chose these particular songs to share here?  An excellent question with a few different answers.  I chose these songs for the sake of representing various phases or stages of my musical development and interests over the years thus far.  Also, these songs represent some of my best efforts captured on tape (recorded).  Now, let's be clear here, none of these recordings are perfect; I feel that they all have some flaw or another.  But, I feel it is time to set the perfectionist in me aside for the moment for the sake of sharing what so many people have told me are solid and quality, worthwhile efforts of music which are intriguing, or compelling, or simply enjoyable. 

For more reasons than I can keep track of or even care to go into at the moment, most of my music recording life so far has operated in (or been stuck in?) the zones or realms of lo-fi, field, live music, or home recording- all of which are seemingly inherently problematic in terms of creating a polished finished product or even a finished work of musical art that manifests what the maker originally intended.  Or perhaps, my perspective is skewed with an over complication of perception combined with my generally low music tech skill level.  I am ultimately, for better or worse, primarily an acoustic musician and vocalist.  And though I love digital music in a variety of forms and greatly appreciate its uses when combined with acoustic music, my lack of music tech skills has presented nagging obstacles for me.  So, I've had to try my best to do my best with what skills, abilities, and resources I have at my disposal.  In the end, I think perhaps any musician might agree, our determination and creativity go the furthest (despite the obstacles) and often bring us the most satisfaction with our efforts.  For me, a satisfying result is rarely a perfect result.  I have learned that it is healthiest (at least for me) or most practical to take the best of any effort - however imperfect - and do what I can with it.  Countless recording efforts will never be shared and have been set aside to serve as reminders of learning moments or in some cases have simply been deleted by me in order to clean the slate and allow for a fresh start.  But, the 'perfect recording' does no-one any good if it is never completed.  Imperfection has become a reality that I have gradually found some acceptance of and with this acceptance I am able to enjoy music more and to allow myself to share music more.  But... I still try my best.   

Thank you for reading and listening.  
Because I want to share my music with the world, I am offering my songs here free of charge.

But, I kindly ask you to please let people know where the songs came from.  And if you chose to use
my music for whatever music, art, or media project you may have in mind, that you please at least credit me
with the songs, respect my copyrights, and link to my site(s):

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