"Mouth Music For Summer Forest (Full Moon Mix)" Written by Brian Buller. Arranged by BB (: Copyright 2014.

Flutes & Vocals by BB.

Digital Soundscape purchased legally at pond5.com

About the music:
This piece comes from a series of flute and vocal experiments and improvisations I did on my own one evening in August 2014. I recorded the parts in a small (and deserted) auditorium at Fairhaven College at WWU in Bellingham, WA.; low lights, solitude, and acoustic-spiritual ambiance.

I sang for the sake of relieving some stress and processing some emotions of sadness and frustration experienced during a particularly rough and uncomfortably hot summer.

I feel relatively good about how the music came together - especially considering the impromptu nature of it all and the time frame involved: recorded and mixed in less than a week.

'Tis good therapy - music.

Thanks for reading and listening.