"Lunar Eclipse: An Instrumental Interlude"
Written & Arranged by Brian Buller & Alden Johnsonbuller.
Copyright Brian Buller & Alden
Johnsonbuller 2014.

Flutes, whistles, recorders, beats- BB

Digital layers and beats- AldenJ.
Alden Johnsonbuller.
https://soundcloud.com/aldenj https://thewhaleboy.bandcamp.com/albu...

Additional Digital Sample courtesy of:

More info...
A little collaboration with digital musician Alden Johnsonbuller. We created the initial parts on Oct. 8, 2014 the night of a lunar eclipse.

This piece includes original and traditional melodies. Some of you may recognize snippets of the Cape Breton reel "I Won't Do The Work," as well as the Scottish song "The Red Horse" (An T-Each Ruadh"). I really enjoy incorporating traditional melodies into fusions such as this instrumental interlude. The phrase I like to use to describe this sort of thing is: Celtic-Inspired Folktronica.

Thank you for listening and reading. (: