1. Gypsy Davy- (Demo Take c. 2004)

Gypsy Davy- Brian Buller with The Barberry Trio- (Demo Take c. 2004)

"Gypsy Davy" - Traditional.
Arrangement by B. Buller, J. Rogers, & L. Elton.
Copyright 2004.
Brian Buller- vocals.
Jean Rogers- guitar.
Liz Elton- fiddle.

Commentary by BB:
A little demo recorded once upon a time around 2004 with a group (long since defunct) I co-founded. We called ourselves The Barberry Trio. My singing style was a little different back then and this take has various imperfections, but I do like it none-the-less. I’m happy to share it with the world.

Jean & Liz now (as of 2016) play in the group named Lindsay Street: http://artistecard.com/lindsaystreet I think they're great!

Thank you for listening and reading. (: