From the album The Riverbank Faerie

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Words & Music by Brian Buller
Arranged by Brian Buller & Ryan Eston Paul

Inland the Eventide moves
In a whisper of sea air
Blushing the hills to the pink of a shell

Inward our thoughts move
Recalling so much
The Sea has given and likewise taken

Our loved ones, our kin
Their strength, their hardship
Let them sleep on a plank of moonlight
Oh, soft and silvery smooth

Let them drift with the gulls
Let them frolic with the Selkies
Let them rest in a nest of Western clouds
Aglow with the Sun

Lightly we will go
Gently the waves do roll

Lightly we will go (we’ll go)
Gently the waves do roll (they roll)…

Commentary by BB:
Part lullaby, part elegy, this song speaks
of the Sea and its eternal roles as both
provider and thief. There is mention of
Selkies- referring to the ‘Seal People or
Seal Folk’ of Celtic and Nordic lore.
Dedicated to the memory of my
Uncle Warren who was lost to the waves
when I was just a kid.