1. Bushes and Briars

From the album The Riverbank Faerie

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Words & Music- Traditional
Arranged by Brian Buller & Ryan Eston Paul

Through bushes and through briars
She lately took her way
All for to hear the small birds sing
And the lambs to sport and play

She overheard her own true love
His voice it was so clear
Long time she has been waiting for
The coming of her dear

Sometimes she is uneasy
And troubled in her mind
Sometimes she thinks she’ll go to her love
And tell to him her mind

But if she should go unto her love
Her love he may say nay
If she shows to him her boldness
He’ll ne’er love her again

Commentary by BB:
This song, to me, speaks of many things:
an ageless push and pull between woman
and man; of haunting and hope… of anger
and passion… of tenderness and longing.
I came to know this song through
Susan McKeown’s 1998 album Bushes & Briars;
a persuasive, dynamic recording and for me-
highly inspiring.