1. Morgaine by Brian Buller

From the album The Riverbank Faerie

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Words & Music by Brian Buller
Arranged by Brian Buller & Ryan Eston Paul

From Wales I am here
To serve our Pendragon
To safeguard these lands
All we call Britannia
All we call Britannia

From Wales I am here
To face the Saxon war
And dare, dare I say
But glimpse you my Lady
But glimpse you my Lady

Morgaine… Morgaine…

Oh sister of a King
Oh Daughter of the Mists
Oh The Land is alive
Oh, with whispers of your strength

Thanks be to your brother
Oh, for our acquaintance
In honor of your arrival
He holds oh this banquet
He holds oh this banquet

Morgaine… Morgaine…

You invite me, to escort you
In the eve of sweet May
To my wonder, to my joy
We wander in the glow
Of those bonfires ablaze

Your sky of dark hair
Your breath of apples
The hazel light
In the glade of your eyes

Let not the Isle beyond the Summer Sea
Oh, be forsaken
Nor sink in the blood
By which this land is stained

Let not the ways of the Goddess
Oh, be forgotten
Nor, nor the spell
Oh, to us she gave
Oh, to us she gave

Morgaine… Morgaine…

Commentary by BB:
Based on an Arthurian theme
and strongly influenced by
Marion Zimmer Bradley’s &
Diana L. Paxon’s
The Mists of Avalon,
these lyrics are given from
the perspective of Accolon of Wales
as he addresses Morgan Le Fay-
or Morgaine. Our poor prince Accolon
is tormented and conflicted between
his call to duty for to serve his
King Arthur, and his desire to serve
and be near Morgaine; as both a lover
and as a spiritual adherent to the
pre-Christian traditions which she
struggles to uphold amid a turbulent
Medieval Britannia.